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A modest human, yet so profound in the way he handles business can mesmerize people around him with the energy and buoyancy he possesses. He is proud to be using the antique rose wood furniture as his office desk that his grandfather used, 75 years back. Owing to his high inclination towards the family business, Shyam who joined the business at an early age of 20, after discontinuing his course in BBA. He is a valiant communicator when it comes to public speaking and is determined to pursue an Executive Business Management course by 2020 from Harvard or MIT Universities.

Shyam is an ever-exuberant person with a phenomenal experience of 30 years in the business, always has an eye for new business ideas and spends quality time in exploring the avenues. Be it, his daily yoga session or his early morning cycling rides or his evening badminton times, Shyam is a person who is passionate about fitness.

He unwinds by traveling with his family, socializing with his friends and makes sure he doesn’t miss any of the gatherings which makes him happy.

Shyam lives by the principle of “Do what you love, Love what you do”.

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She manages the entire Accounts and Finance, HR, Admin and Estates and Investments of the Vaduvammal group. A very courteous, elegant and skillful women, mother of two adults, holds impeccable values in both running the business and at home front. She loves to cook and enjoys a sumptuous lunch with the company staff every Saturday.

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The fourth generation young lad Ashwath Shyam, completed his UG in Loyola College, Chennai and International Business in MBA in Birmingham, UK in early 2016. He has interned in companies like L&T, Ashok Leyland and other large construction companies before joining the group. He has been showing great interest in understanding the industry by working in their factory before trying his flair for recycled ferrous and non-ferrous. A workout addict, jogger, long distance cycler and loves watching TV shows, Ashwath has a very dear dream to build an NGO with his friends to help the needy in the society.

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Kaushik Haritha, a dynamic and young-at-heart professional represents Vaduvammal as their Business Development Manager for the Alloy Division. Kaushik has been exposed to the automotive industry from a very early age of 16 years, in various segments from operations to sales & marketing.

He is keenly involved with the operations of Vaduvammal’s alloy ferrous and non-ferrous divisions and its diversified business strategies

Prior to joining Vaduvammal, Kaushik has interned with Union Motors Services and brings in 20 years of mixed experience in India and abroad, working with Ucal Fuel Systems (manufacturing), JWT with Ford (advertising), Ucal Exports, Eicher (dealership management), and the Embassy group in Serbia.

Kaushik has studied in Loyola College Chennai , MDIS Singapore and University of Oklahoma, USA.He has been a state level swimmer and international formula car racer. His favourite sports include F1, MotoGp, Cricket, Swimming and he is a huge supporter of the Mclaren F1 team.

His main motto is, “What Comes Easy Won’t Last Long & What Lasts Long Won’t Come Easy,” and he also believes that the greatest teacher is your last mistake…

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Sivaramakrishnan, a young professional represents Vaduvammal as their Trade Manager – Ferrous Division. Siva has been exposed to Banking & Finance Industry and moved to Recycling Platform. He is keenly involved with the operations of Vaduvammal’s International ferrous and non-ferrous Recycling metal trade division.

Prior to joining Vaduvammal, Siva worked with The British Metal Corporation I Pvt. Ltd. a Hinduja Group Company, and brings in 10+ years of mixed experience in India and abroad, working with Indicaa Group Ltd (Trading), Chennai, Ayaan Global DMCC(Trading), ITR Middle East FZCo (Trading) Dubai, HDFC Bank Ltd (Banking), Hewlett Packard(BPO), IGS(BPO), Chennai.

Siva has studied in AM Jain College Chennai, MBA – Finance Management in Bangalore at Xavier’s Institute of Business Management.

His main motto is to, “Be Good & Do Good”. Think Positive, Speak Positive.

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