The rapid urbanization has forced developing countries to open doors to higher infrastructural up gradation. Roadways are considered to be the largest application segment. The asphalt – Bitumen, which acts as a binder for road laying applications, enhances the resistance, strength and durability of roads. Vaduvammal recognized this and forayed into trading high quality Bitumen, a major ingredient in road construction, since 2013. We are backed with state-of the-art Bitumen smelting plant located in Manali, Chennai. We always hold stocks of packed bitumen in 180 kg steel drums. We are the proud suppliers for several road contracts in Tamilnadu and other State Highways projects. We currently churn out an average of 2000 metric tonnes of bitumen per month catering to all the contractors in South India with a revenue of 10 million USD per annum. We also import bulk Bitumen in Karwar and Kakinada port. We currently do business in Andra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Telangana.

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