D&B D-U-N-S Number: 86-065-4327
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Established in 1938 by a South Indian Chettiyar family, our trading company has an impressive 86-year history in the industry. Founded by Ezhumalai Chettiyar, we began our journey in steel trading, operating initially as a small firm under the name of his beloved wife, Vaduvammal.

Our company has a rich legacy, being among the first authorized dealers in Madras (now Chennai) for Tata Steel and Hindustan Steel Limited (now SAIL) during the 1950s, a testament to our early growth and recognition.

Starting from a modest 9x66-foot office space in the old Central Business District (CBD) of Chennai at Parrys Corner, we have expanded significantly, maintaining our values and goodwill. Recently, we moved to a larger office in Anna Salai, the new CBD area, aligning with our expanding business operations.

Over the years, we have diversified our portfolio to include products and services such as Scrap Metal Recycling, Aluminium Alloys, Silicon Metal, Bituminous products, and Building Material Solutions, integrating backward, forward, and downstream operations. Our global network of trusted partners reflects our commitment to fostering trust and reliability in every trade.

With trade offices in key locations such as Singapore (Trade One SG Pte Ltd), the UK (NorthGate UK Trading Pvt Ltd), and the US (Naturonics America Inc), we have established a strong international presence to better serve our clients and vendors worldwide.

We hold prestigious accreditations such as Gold Membership in BIR, ISRI, BMR, MRAI, CII, FIEO, T2 AEO, among others, showcasing our industry standing and commitment to excellence. Our international credit ratings, including D&B D-U-N-S No: ‪86-065-4327, COFACE No: 930/1985, and Easy No: 00011979773662, further validate our financial stability and reliability as a trading partner.‬

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